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I’m a Small Business Operator, And So I Have No Need For an internet site

Mark 2 years ago

Hello. I’m Mr. Smallbiz Owner, and that i own Small Businesses inside a smallville town USA. My shop has been around business for several years, a minimum of because the 1990s. I’ve lately been contacted by many people representatives of Web development and design firms, selling me on all of the reasons why I, the small business operator of 1 shop within my local region, really needs an internet site in this point in time from the twenty-first century and just how my small company cannot possibly survive any more with no business Site.

I’d understand the chance to go over the very best 10 explanations why I as a small company owner don’t need an internet site in my small company. Listed here are my simple explanations why Personally i think the way in which I actually do.

1. First, I’ve got a solid client/subscriber base with higher business relationships.

I do not actually need anymore work heck, I can not even handle anymore customers and I’m not going my company to develop in revenue any longer. My current customers provide me with the work I’ll ever need. They are not going anywhere.

Besides, my current customers won’t ever take a look at my Site anyways they are fully aware all there’s learn about me and my small company. These know we’re within smallville town USA. I do not need anybody calling me simply because they saw my Site online. I’ve ample residual earnings in my family to 4g iphone good year.

2. Small Businesses should never be challenged by other competitors within my smallville town.

My small company is exclusive and no-one else will the same factor within this industry much like I actually do. Because Small Businesses has been around this neighborhood for thus a long time, we are classified as professionals within our field and will be referred to as experts in the market. We don’t have to learn anything new within our industry, because our industry seldom changes whatsoever. Our customers won’t ever go elsewhere to locate other small companies like us they’ll always continue to visit us for his or her needs within this smallville town.

3. Person to person and referrals has always labored the very best for me personally.

Our customers constantly refer their buddies, relatives and colleagues to us, and also the prospective customers that decision me don’t even bother to inquire about me if I’ve got a Site. They often ask me to distribute them a sales brochure along with a card rather.

4. I’m still running a business today despite the fact that I don’t own an internet site.

I’m very confident I will still be running a business for years to come. Not one other competitors will relocate or near me, and my nearest competition is too much away in my people to drive, so that they would prefer to come shop beside me, Mr. SmallBiz Owner, at Small Businesses. My current subscriber base will invariably still frequent my small company only they’ll never move away, never get old and should never be with no need of my services or products.

5. I fit in with several local professional business as well as networking organizations.

I’m a person in my local chamber of commerce and also the local Bbb along with other business networking groups. All the organizations I fit in with provide me with sufficient leads on the daily or weekly basis, despite the fact that I must pay a yearly fee to stay part of such groups. Because of these memberships and affiliations, I’ll never need to have a company Web page design. These organizations help me with finding additional potential partnerships and professional alignments on the continual basis.

6. Most intelligent seniors never take a look at Internet sites anyways.

They’re too busy and may care a smaller amount of the contents and pictures on my Site. They just aren’t curious many individuals the U . s . States don’t own computers at home or offices to appear Small Businesses up online. They’d rather take the time from their busy lives to leap right into a vehicle, weave interior and exterior high-traffic looking for my small company in smallville town, examine the countless similar products within my store, stand it our lengthy lines to spend when choosing these items using their screaming kids by their sides and obtain in their cars to mind home in equally high-traffic. Let’s say I haven’t got what they desire? Well i guess. Allow them to just return within their cars and take more time driving around searching for your product elsewhere in smallville town. I do not worry about their business.

7. I curently have a sales brochure I developed five years ago.

I still have ample other brochures left on my small shelf at Small Businesses, which is still fairly current. To save myself cash on marketing and advertising costs, I’ll first begin using these brochures on my existing customers every time they enter into my store. After I eventually exhaust brochures, I’m able to always only use my printer to print our weekly specials in black and white-colored ink my customers don’t worry about the presentation of my ads anyways. Why are they going to worry about my Site presentation either?

8. Web development and design is simply one other way companies attempt to grab your hard-earned dollars.

Web development and design firms don’t worry about me, Mr. SmallBiz Owner or my small company in smallville town. They’re just selling me an internet site by pushing falsehoods about my local competitors and my industry, and taking advantage of scare tactics to obtain me to purchase in to the whole Web page design concept. They keep attempting to let me know what my prospects and customers need and expect from me and Small Businesses. I simply chuckle and laugh everything off. To consider they learn more about my customers than I actually do is completely absurd!

9. I’m very visible within my local target audience.

Everyone that I wish to conduct business is aware of me and Small Businesses situated in smallville town USA. They are able to locate fairly easily me through the countless local phone book I pay a regular monthly fee for, because everyone who’s anybody exclusively searches for any services and products within their local phone book. It’s the latest and finest bit of advertising and marketing ever produced. It features a high level roi, it’s very affordable and that i can certainly track who finds me with the phone book.

10. Lastly, Internet sites are strictly for big corporations that offer products and services through the U . s . States or worldwide.

I only own one small company store in smallville town America therefore, an internet site has too broad of the achieve. Besides, why would I worry about reaching prospective customers over the U . s . States? The neighborhood customers I’ve now will certainly provide me using more than enough earnings to aid my loved ones for years to come. Must I ever choose to sell to prospective customers across America, I’m able to always purchase classifieds in newspapers in most 50 states. Since I never surf the web, I’m very confident my customers don’t either. The Web is just made up of kids and teenagers, and they’re not my target audience in my small company.